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With Pixel Crafts, it is very easy to create masterpieces, because our coloring app is an excellent way to let your inner artist roam free, color your problems away, relax and spend your leisure time productively.
Research has shown that coloring is relaxing and also helps you get a grip on your emotions and forget about stress. Relaxation in form of art using coloring books is now available on iOS devices.
Why do you need to download and install Pixel Crafts on your device?
◉ Create your own pixel art.
◉ A database with a very wide selection of coloring masterpieces.
◉ An amazing selection of colors available.
◉ There are many different masterpieces to color inside on our app and the best thing is that you will be able to find animals, objects, characters and many many more.
◉ Pixel Crafts is Free and it will stay free for life, so you don't have to pay any monthly or hidden fees!
◉ New images are regularly being added
◉ Great and very easy to use interface. You can start coloring within a few seconds.
◉ Share your work with your friends easily within Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Why not replace dozens of pencils and hundreds of pages of expensive coloring books with a free adult & kid coloring app you always have access to? You will no longer be tied to just one location: your smartphone or tablet open up the possibilities of being creative at any time.
Wherever you are – in the subway, plane, train, or at home – Pixel Crafts will help you relax and unwind, help you bring out your creativity and share it with the whole world.
What are you waiting for? Download Pixel Crafts on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy this color by number pixel art app!

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